laptop password forgotten

Laptop password forgotten – got it for christmas?

I forgot the new laptop password just got for christmas.

Was playing with the new laptop, setting it up, put new username, software, games, documents on it and a setup a password on the useraccount, but now just can’t remember it.

Sounds familiar? Well, it has just happened to me.

There are many free guides on YouTube how to reset windows password for free. I can just go and follow the steps there. Also I can take it to my local IT guy, but they will charge me a lot of money for this simple procedure.

But if you are regular guy like me, with not much skills on hacking and the technical code typing scares you, and do not want to pay much money for it, then I recommend you a cheap simple 3-step software that can reset your windows password in just 2 minutes.

It is called Reset Password Pro.

Step 1

Download and burn to a blank CD or put on USB.

Step 2

Put the CD or USB on locked computer.

Step 3

Reset your password – enjoy your new laptop again !



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