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Password Reset Disk – How to get one?

Password reset disk – what is it ?

It’s just a simple tool, that allows you to reset windows password after you forgot it. Windows let’s you to make a password reset disk for backup reasons, but who does it, right ? We always think that we should have made the disk when we forgot our windows passwords, but then it’s too late. Right ?

Maybe you have an old laptop collecting dust in the corner and want to “play” with it again some day, but you forgot the Windows password you have set on it.

Well, luckily we have other solutions to reset any windows account’s password. XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8 or even windows 10 – it doesn’t matter.

Third party password reset disk software can reset win passwords just in few simple steps. Of course those programs cost a little, but hey, what I have figured out it that it’s easier to pay for a software that makes the job super easy and fast. Because if you are not familiar with the hacking and cracking and all the technical aspects that come in when trying to reset windows password for free. Yes it is possible to follow some guides on YouTube, but for an average person it may be too complicated.

For that reason in mind only I recommend a super easy software, that can reset windows password in only 3 simple steps. You can write it on a blank CD or put on USB and unlock any windows computer.

It’s called Reset Password PRO and costs like $39, but I have a good trick for you, how to save some money on that.


Just go to their site (Reset Password Pro) and pause the presentation. Do not add the software to the cart yet. Move your mouse to the upper side of your browser, just like you wanted to close the website. THEN, a pop-up appears that offers you 30% OFF THE PRICE. Click on “Download Now” and you will get the software for only $27. That’s a great bargain on a password reset software. They will instantly email you username & password to download the software.

They even offer you a 60 day money back guarantee, if for some reason the software doesn’t suit or work for you.


I wish you all the best,

and don’t forget your passwords anymore – if you do, just use this simple software again 😀


Recommended software: Reset Password PRO

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